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Educational Materials
Knowledge is power.
Becoming more knowledgeable will help you provide better care. With this in mind, Alzheimer's Care Group provides educational resources about Alzheimer's and dementia.
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Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
Our active environments attract family members to who want something meaningful for their mother or father to do every day. Having superior programs that provide active environments gives you the competitive advantage, allowing your facility to thrive.

Our home-like, normal daily activities help transform the traditional nursing home environment to a place of activity for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Walking into a center where there’s the aroma of freshly baked cookies, the sound of laughter and a cozy atmosphere gives families a feeling of comfort and familiarity. And it builds your reputation for hospitality. Our implementation process takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming the best place in your area for Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care Group improves clinical and operational results and contributes to your fiscal growth in a predictable manner.
Executive Consultation
Consulting Services
Dementia Education & Training
Executive Consultation Back to top
Geared toward senior management, executive consultation involves strategic planning and implementation of new or existing company-wide dementia and Alzheimer's policies, procedures, and programs. Key steps include:
  • Gap Analysis to determine where you are vs where you want to be
  • Market feasibility
  • Staffing model development
  • Pro forma analysis and development
  • Physical plant and clinical standards
  • Creation of policies and procedures
  • Consulting Services Back to top
    As the executive consultation is completed, Alzheimer’s Care Group takes the next steps to improve your level of fiscal success by analyzing your clinical and operational approach. Key steps include:
  • Drafting a strategic plan illustrating the organization’s goals.
  • Developing an action plan to recognize key operational issues and needs.
  • Implementation of the balanced care model
  • Team development
  • Establish Public Relations Program
  • Re-purposing physical environments and furnishings so that resident spaces are homelike, safe, and interactive
  • Dementia Education & Training Back to top
    Alzheimer’s Care Group provides training for management, medical professionals, front-line caregivers and families. Our training targets the development and improvement of meaningful dementia programs.

    Alzheimer’s Care Group stays current in the latest research and trends in dementia education. We improve clinical operations and quality measures through critical ingredients, such as:
  • Educational resources to expand your staff’s understanding of the care of people living with this disease.
  • Hands-on training and online training that illustrates successful approaches and techniques.
  • Tailored strategies that prevent behaviors and conflicts manage stressful situations, and make mealtimes and bath times more pleasant.
    Information Additional Information
    Information View images of healthy and Alzheimer’s brain tissue.

    For further information, please contact Alzheimer’s Care Group
    at (317) 218-5111.

    Family Members
    You are not alone. We're experts and here to help you make informed decisions and do what's right for your family member living with dementia.
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    Seminars and Conferences
    Our team possesses extensive knowledge, expertise, and credentials, as well as first-hand experience in Alzheimer's and dementia care.
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    Legal Consulting
    Alzheimer’s Care Group provides complete, accurate, and expert testimony on matters related to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease or care.
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