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Activity Kits
What are activity kits?
Each activity kit comes complete with a corresponding case/box, all of the supplies and instructions for how to use it. It’s everything you need for a fun and interactive program!
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Educational Materials & Activity Kits
Alzheimer’s Care Group is available for short term training and education on a variety of topics relative to dementia care. We also provide numerous resources for families and professionals, including:

Interactive Programming kits

Themed rooms to stimulate activity
The Trainer’s Toolbelt (for ongoing reinforcement of newly learned skills)
Classic Music and Television Programming Suitable for People with Dementia
Educational Materials
Interactive Programming Kits Back to top
These interactive kits are based on normal, everyday meaningful life tasks. They are designed to stimulate cognition and the senses. The kits are adaptable for different levels of cognitive ability and can be used individually or with a group.

Learn more about our special activity kits

Certified Dementia Caregiving Training

Dementia care requires specialized training.  Several states across the US now require a minimum level of education for direct care staff.  Click here to see the course listing for the program, “Certified Dementia Caregiver”.  Making sure your staff is educated and certified means that your residents receive better care, your staff feels appreciated by the training you’ve provided, and your community senses the importance you place on specialized skills.

This course is available at our location or can be brought to yours.  You decide.  Our experts are ready to serve you and your team.

 Professional Dementia Certification

Please register here for certification information and/or courses

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Alzheimer's Source Book

The purpose of this guide is to help staff make each day great for residents with dementia. It describes how to plan and put into place activities that are meaningful to residents.  It also includes dozens of detailed descriptions of specific activities.

The guide is designed for individuals who plan and lead activities, including activity directors, special care unit directors and direct care workers.  It may also be used as a resource by nurses, social workers and even volunteers and family members.

Themed Rooms for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers Back to top
Alzheimer’s Care Group provides themed settings throughout the Alzheimer's program. Themed settings, including kitchens and workshops, stimulate appropriate resident interactions because of the home-like features and familiar furnishings.
The Trainer’s Toolbelt Back to top
The goal of the staff training tool belt worn by the program director, charge nurse, or SDC is to provide CNAs with a learning tool to help the Alzheimer's care program learn more about Alzheimer’s disease. Each tool belt contains a large stack of cards that asks questions pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease, the implications of this disease and appropriate care approaches. For every correct answer a staff member is rewarded with a poker chip. If an individual collects more than 3 chips, he/she will receive an appropriate reinforcement/reward, such as gum,candy, soft drink or coupon for successfully answering questions and understanding the best care approaches. The tool belt comes with a canvas work apron (ties at waist, one size fits most), cards, and poker chips.

To order: Call (317) 218-5111, or email

Music and Television Programming Back to top
When a person has dementia, it is quite typical for them to live in the past – in years during which they were most active. We find that most people with Alzheimer’s remember and recognize life from the 1950s to 1970s. With that in mind, Alzheimer’s Care Group has collaborated with musicians to provide a series of musical cds and dvds appropriate for cognitive stimulation of people living with dementia. The selected music and television programming dates back to the time period they remember.

To order: Call (317) 218-5111, or email

Unlock The Memories

Alzheimer's Care Group recomends Unlock The Memories-Interactive Trivia Programs for Alzheimer's centers. For more information please visit Unlock The Memories here.

Educational Materials                                                                          Back to top
Caring for People with Challenging Behaviors

Knowledge is power. Becoming more knowledgeable will help you provide better care. With this in mind, Alzheimer’s Care Group provides educational resources about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Take a new approach to reinforcing educational moments in your
center with eye-catching posters! They’re perfect for staff break rooms and fun to read! Each poster is full of helpful tips to remind caregivers to focus on the person and not the disease process. Best of all, you can use the posters throughout the year. Reasonably priced at $19.99 each or a set of five for $90.00.  Each one is about 20” x 24” and laminated to provide you with years of use. Topics include:

4 Types of Cues to Use with Residents

The 10 Warnings Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

What Causes Unwanted Behaviors

Alzheimer's Disease: Common Behaviors



Laminated posters: $19.99 each; All five for $90.00

To order: Call (317) 218-5111, or email

Additional Information
Information Learn more about Alzheimer’s and dementia research studies:
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Information View images of healthy and Alzheimer’s brain tissue.
Information For further information, please contact Alzheimer’s Care Group at (317) 218-5111
Family Members
You are not alone. We're experts and here to help you make informed decisions and do what's right for your family member living with dementia.
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Seminars and Conferences
Our team possesses extensive knowledge, expertise, and credentials, as well as first-hand experience in Alzheimer's and dementia care.
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Legal Consulting
Alzheimer’s Care Group provides complete, accurate, and expert testimony on matters related to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease or care.
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